We’re so excited to become parents through adoption!

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Stephen and I met online on a dating website. Stephen was in college, and I was living in Australia where I had grown up. After talking online for seven months, Stephen flew to meet me in Australia. After eight days we knew this was it! We were married one year later.

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Rebecca speaks fluent baby talk!

About Rebecca by Stephen

Rebecca was born in the Philippines to an Australian father and a Filipino mother. She immigrated to the U.S. after we got married. It took courage for her to move to the U.S. She is loving, generous, and so funny! She has always wanted to be a mom, and she has a lot of love to give.

Rebecca has a great job to be a mom because she works from home in IT!

Stephen and his godson take a wild ride on Dumbo!

About Stephen by Rebecca

Stephen is from N.C. but had a military dad so he was born in Germany. He is the kindest, funniest man I have ever known, and always makes me smile and laugh. I know he will be an incredible Dad.

Stephen has a bacherlor’s degree in Chemistry and Math, and a doctorate in Pharmacy. He works as a Pharmacist at a major hospital. He has a very family friendly schedule since he is home two weeks out of each month!

Walking the BOYS!

Exploring NYC’s Central Park with her Mum.

Flexibility challenge – Stephen vs. goddaughter Eva!

We love spending time with our godchildren.